Welcome to Your Guide to Indian Food

Our Goal

Through the creation of this app, we wanted to introduce the diversity in Indian food alongide some of its history. We want to be able to expose our audience to the simplicities and intriciaeis of indian foods beyond the common generalities. We hope to be able to guide an indivisual in making thier own tasty dish or learning something new about it!


In our tabs above we hope to engage you in various dishes, thier recipes, the regions they are derived from, and other fun facts! In the "View All Dishes" tab above, you can choose to view the different dishes we have information on by clicking the "view next dish" and "view previous dish" buttons. We also offer a random dish generator if you're feeling experimental or are not sure which dish to try. Our "What Can I Make" tab allows you to input a time constriant for which we will offer you a random recipe to try out along with a few fun facts! We hope you have fun exploring! We aspire to have taught you some new things before you leave!